Jobs We Can do for your Pets

Hello again,

I have a friend who is 13 years old and she LOVED horses ever since she was 2. She knows everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) about them from breeds to taking care of them, and she still doesn’t have one. So we had the idea of getting one, and we have everything except for the 3,000 dollars that we need to start us off for the first year or so, and we have a place to board it for free! And we are going to get the money the fair way… we’re going to work for it. We are not professionals, but I promise that we are really good at everything that is listed otherwise we wouldn’t have listed it and we guarantee that it will be good.
Here’s a list of jobs we can do.

Dog Grooming: $15-$35 dollars (depending on how well the dog behaves)

Horses: Tacking, Grooming, etc.: $15-$75 (depending on how doable your wish is)

Dog walking: $5-$10

Dog Sitting: $5 per hour

Plus more! You can comment and ask about more jobs and I will get back to you A.S.A.P.


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Stop Abusing Tennasee Walking Horses!!!


All around america a practice called soring is being used on a special breed of horse called the Tennasse Walking Horse. The breed has a natural gait that is smooth to ride and that is inhanced by putting artaficial aids on the forefeet to make the horse lift them higher. The aids are painful chains on the forefeet and stilts. The horse lifts its feet higher from pain! We can stop this if we just tell someone. Go to or we can stop horse abuse!

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I made this website because I want to help animals find loving homes. I have loved animals since I was about 3 years old, I just adore them. It makes me so sad when I see them in shelters and that I can’t get them all, I keep trying to help, but I need help. There are several ways you can help too. If you (or someone you know) are looking for a pet, then you can: look online at,, plus more! You can olso donate to your local animal shelter, with either money, food, toys, etc. You can spread the word, and you can do much more!

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